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About Us

Patrick J. Howard – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I began my career in fitness with the original Nautilus Sports Medical Company in DeLand, Florida and subsequently Nautilus Midwest in Cincinnati. Watching Arthur Jones develop Nautilus focused my early career on pin-select strength equipment. I’ve watched the evolution of not only pin-select equipment, but also leverage lines closely for decades and evaluated most strength equipment based on user friendless, quality of movement and aesthetic appeal.

Strength coaching in major league baseball, NCAA basketball and Olympic swimming has given me valuable additional perspective on fitness equipment.

I set very high standards in evaluating all equipment, be it cardio, strength, or free weight. My evaluation always begins by focusing on how equipment will relate to the least experienced potential user and ends with the most experienced and strongest user.

Many well intentioned facilities, especially condominium installations, fail to relate their equipment selections to their users. Our goal should always be to maximize use, safety and productivity.

Frequently, refurbished equipment of the highest quality is available from the various warehouses I work with statewide. Not only does this offer new installations a broader selection of equipment (both cardio and strength), but also delivers a quality installation at appreciably lower cost.

I work with all major manufacturers such as Panatta Sport, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Nautilus Evo, Star Trac, Free Motion, Cybex, Techno Gym and older Body Masters, Magnum, Icarian, and Flex. I’ve evaluated which pieces within most major lines have stood the test of time. Obviously new technologies have made many pieces obsolete, but at the same time many basic movements remain totally relevant and user friendly.

Here’s your opportunity to benefit from a wealth of knowledge and receive a competitive quote for your project.